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Take control of your ship's arsenal with your bare hands! Go on a retro pew-pew trip in this fast-paced, twin-hand arcade shooter.

This game requires a Leap Motion Controller to play.

Mobius was created as a submission for the Leap Motion 3DJam 2015, but it doesn't stop there! Let us know what you think and perhaps we can bring it to the next level together!


Your hands are your weapons! Hold both your hands out (optionally one) with your index / pointer fingers extended to aim and shoot (auto-fire).

Blue cursor: LEFT hand

Orange cursor: RIGHT hand

Rack up awesome high scores by doing consecutive kills while trying to not get hit as much as possible. Score multiplier goes up once with every five (5) enemies destroyed, but resets whenever you take damage. So, keep your eyes peeled and your reflex sharp!

To destroy an enemy, simply aim in the direction of the incoming enemy ship and let the bullets fly. The enemy ship should go down in a couple of hits.

Watch out for incoming bullets! Dodge them by opening either of your hands wide (works best if palm is facing the Leap Motion controller). Once the coast is clear, come out of cover by doing the shooting gesture (closing your hands and extending your index / pointer).

Note: Some enemies' attacks cannot be dodged, so identify them and take them out as swiftly as you can!



To dodge and exit from cover effectively, use one hand to do the dodging gesture while maintaining the other hand in shooting pose. This way, you only need to release the 'dodging hand' to resume shooting enemies.


If you have trouble getting the game to detect your hands correctly, try opening your hands wide and move them around little to help Leap Motion see your hands better. In worst cases, you can try to retract your hands completely and then bring them back into view.


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This game was/is really fun, I really hope more people make games for the leap.